The Boys are Tastier

     The twins had not had the best of childhood. To begin with their parents were quite poor, but that wasn’t their biggest problem. They were both girls. In their village, woman were considered filth, they were considered to be only useful for producing working men. There was even a fine for giving birth to more than one girl, and a tax to be paid every six months for each girl that was under the age of 18, or that hadn’t gone through pregnancy in the past year if the girl was over the age of 21 and wasn’t married.

     Their father worked continuously to be able to afford the extra taxes.

“Why can’t ya be o’er 18?” he would ask. To which the girls would respondè

“If ya ain’t happy, ya shoulda been careful with ma’!”

     One day, while the girls were outside playing, he returned from work.

“Mary! Where are ya dammit!” he shouted.

“I’m here Robert! Scotch or whiskey?” she replied

“Neither… Can’t afford ’em…”

“Bad day?”

“We need to get rid of ’em… I ain’t got money for taxes…”

“How we gonna do that? The orphanage only accepts boys…”

“We could… Ya kno-“

“No! That’s illegal! They’ll kill us!”

“What if we just left them…? Like it ain’t murder… Just an accident… We’ll say they ran away…”

“Sure. I guess that would work…”

     So they got the girls inside and told them they were all going out for a walk through the forest that weekend. At first the girls were worried because of the stories their friends would tell them. There were many legends of kids being left to fend for themselves. But the girls knew their parents would never do that. They loved them too much.

     The rest of the week passed and then on Saturday afternoon, Robert got his wife and his kids together and they set off into the eerie forest.

“Alright kiddos, ‘is been a few hours… We gonna stop here for a bit,” said Robert.

“You heard him kids, go play,” said Mary.

     So the twins began running around between the trees while their parents sat and relaxed. After a few minutes, the twins had run far enough that they could barely see their parents. So Robert and Mary decided that it was time, they quietly rose and then left as quickly as possible.

     By the time the twins realized their parents had left they had no idea which way was home.

“We should just wait, they’ll come back,” said one of them.

“No. They abandoned us, we need to find our way back by ourselves,” replied the other.

     They continued arguing for nearly an hour, but they finally agreed they needed to walk home by themselves. So they set out in the directions they felt would take them home. They quickly grew tired and hungry but they knew they needed to keep going. As they made their way through the woods, they stumbled onto a store.

“Welcome! Help needed! Ask for details inside!” read the sign above the store.

     They decided to venture inside and at least ask if they had a phone. As the twins opened the door a huge net fell on them and they fell unconscious. When they woke they didn’t even recognize each other for their clothes were ripped and their hair was messier than it had ever been.

“Oh my little boys are awake! How lovely!” said an old voice.

     The twins looked at each other confused… They were the only ones inside the room… There were no boys here… Then the source of the voice entered, it was an old witch. Every detail of her appearance matched the details of all those legends.

“You boys are going to be so tasty! I can’t wait to devour you!” said the witch as she approached the twins’ cage.

“What are ya talking ‘bout?” asked one of the twins.

“There are no boys here …” said the other.

     The witch looked at them confused… Then she finally understood that the children she had caught weren’t boys, but two filthy girls.

“Ewwww!!! How useless! Shooo girls shooo! I may be a witch, but I have standards! EW!” screamed the witch as she opened the twins’ cage.

     They ran away from the witch’ house, but they didn’t go home as there was nothing for them there. They started their own tribe after stumbling onto some other abandoned children. They do not have a tax on women, and they certainly do not eat children.

Any feedback is more than welcome. Please let me know what you liked/disliked or if any section was confusing. If you have any questions, just ask in the comment section and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

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